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DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube with Swab, 2ml fill, 50 Pack

Price$ 392.95
  • SKU: ZR1109
  • Pack Size: 2ml 50pk
DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube with Swab, 2ml fill, 50 Pack

Room Temperature

DNA/RNA Shield Collection tubes with swabs are a general purpose collection method for molecular-based applications. Many sample types can be collected with these swab collection tubes including from the mouth, nose, throat, and wherever a swab may be deemed appropriate per application. To use these swab collection tubes, just swab any sample and break the tip into the collection device prefilled with the DNA/RNA Shield reagent. Samples are stabilized and ready for transport or storage.

0.5 lbs

10.30 x 2.50 x 5.50

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Applicable For: Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
Device Specs: 12 x 80 mm screwcap vial pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield (1 mL or 2 mL)
Device Storage Ambient temperature => 2 years
Sample Collection: 10% (v/v or w/v)
Sample Source: Nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids, environmental samples
Sample Stability:
RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 1 month
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 2 years
DNA & RNA: Frozen (<-20°C): Indefinitely

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