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DNA Clean & Concentrator-25, Uncapped, 50 Preps

Price$ 81.00
  • SKU: ZD4005
  • Pack Size: Uncapped, 50 Preps
DNA Clean & Concentrator-25, Uncapped, 50 Preps

Room Temperature

The DNA Clean & Concentrator-25 (DCC-25) is a PCR purification kit designed for rapid desalting and purification of up to 25 µg DNA from enzymatic reactions (e.g., PCR), endonuclease digestions, or cell-free lysates. Simply add the specially formulated DNA Binding Buffer to your sample and transfer to the supplied Zymo-Spin column. This PCR purification kit features Zymo-Spin column technology to yield high-quality, purified DNA in just minutes, and it is compatible with cDNA and ssDNA. Eluted DNA is suitable for sequencing, microarray analysis, PCR, nucleotide blotting, and restriction endonuclease digestion procedures.

Quick (2 minute) desalting and recovery of ultra-pure DNA from enzymatic reactions (e.g., PCR and endonuclease digestions), cell-free lysates, etc.
Column design allows DNA to be eluted at high concentrations into minimal volumes.
Eluted DNA is well-suited for use in PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA ligation, endonuclease digestion, RNA transcription, radiolabeling, arrays, etc.

1.1 lbs

7.00 x 5.00 x 5.00

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Detergent Tolerance: ≤5% Triton X-100, ≤5% Tween-20, ≤5% Sarkosyl, ≤0.1% SDS
Elution Volume: ≥ 25 µl
Equipment: Microcentrifuge
Purity: Highly-pure DNA is eluted with water and is especially well suited for sequencing, ligation reactions, and restriction endonuclease digestions.
Sample Source: DNA from PCR, endonuclease digestions, DNA modification reactions, isotope/fluorescence labeling reactions, etc.
Size Range: 50 bp to 23 kb
Yield: ≤ 25 µg total DNA can be recovered. For DNA 50 bp to 10 kb the recovery is 70-90%. For DNA 11 kb to 23 kb the recovery is 50-70%.

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