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BioPette Plus Digital Pipettor, 0.5 - 10µl Volume Range

Price$ 317.50
  • SKU: 249070
  • Pack Size: 0.5-10ul
BioPette Plus Digital Pipettor, 0.5 - 10µl Volume Range

BioPette Plus, Digital Pipettors have many outstanding features compared to other brands. BioPette development started with the detailed review of every aspect of liquid handling. The result is a comfortable, easy to use instrument that provides high accuracy and precision. Continuously Adjustable Volume Digital micrometer selects whole of fractional volumes. Thumb wheel turns conveniently with a gloved hand. Slight recess prevents unintentional change.

Superior Accuracy and Reproducibility Chemical resistant, maintenance free seals and a finely polished stainless steel piston provided unsurpassed accuracy, sample after sample. Insulated housing reduces the effects of thermal expansion, from increased precision during prolonged use. Each pipette is individually tested and supplied with a certificate of quality. Exceptional Comfort and Balance The latest technologies and components in the construction of BioPettes results in a light weight, well balanced instrument.

The tip ejector is conveniently position and accessible to both the thumb and index finger. Ergonomic grip fits comfortably in either the right or left hand, with the digital display visible during pipetting. Universal Tip Compatibility Biopettes accommodate a variety of universal fit pipette fits. Tip ejector can also be adjusted or removed if required by an individual tip style.

2 lbs

12.25 x 2.00 x 3.75

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • Volume Range: 0.5-10 µl
  • Accuracy: ±4.0 to ±0.5%
  • Precision: <4.0 to <0.4%

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